Court Issues Temporary Injunction to Protect Personal Medical Records Related to State Rep. Susan King 

On Tuesday, the Texas Attorney General's Office, the City of Abilene, and a State District Judge all agreed to not release any emergency response records pertaining to State Representative King (R-Abilene) until King's medical record privacy protection lawsuit can be heard.   

In issuing the all-party agreed upon temporary injunction, the court also set a trial date for November 21, 2016. According to Bryan Eppstein, a spokesperson for King's campaign, she will seek a judicial declaration at that time to permanently protect her medical records.

"My runoff opponent has sunk to an all-time low in Texas politics by falsely attacking my health records," said King. "Protecting the privacy of any individual's confidential health records is sacrosanct and this injunction affirms not only my right, but the right of all Texan's, to have privacy of their own medical records."

King also added, "In the 2014  Lt. Governor's primary runoff, voters rejected this kind of attack on a person's private health records and I am confident they will strongly reject it now." 

King concluded by stating, "I came in first place in the March 1st primary by focusing on the needs and conservative issues of this State Senate district. In the runoff, I will continue to offer my current background as Republican Chairman of the Texas House Defense and Veterans' Affairs Committee and my past background as president of my local school board."

The State Senate District 24 runoff election is Tuesday, May 24th.  In the highly competitive 6-person March 1st primary, King game in first place and was the top vote getter in 9 of the district's 17 counties. In the runoff, King has since been endorsed by businessman Jon Cobb who finished in 3rd place.


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