Crime Stoppers Dissed By County Judge Hidalgo And Her Radical Allies, Victims Matter Too

In an open letter to Harris County (Houston) Judge Lina Hidalgo, Crime Stoppers lays out their profound disappointment in Hidalgo, et al.

They said in part, "On Tuesday, October 27, 2020, Andy Kahan appeared before Commissioner's Court with the intention of sharing critical data and offering support. We thought the information would be relevant to maintaining public safety while navigating critical changes to felony bond reform."

The data presented shows crime is way up. More than 66 victims were killed by violent defendants RELEASED on lower free (PR) bonds.

Hidalgo's response was to mute Crime Stoppers representative, Kahan, during the Zoom meeting. She called him "someone with an axe to grind" and accused him of fear-mongering.

It is clear Hidalgo doesn't want to be confused by the facts of runaway crime and instead is intent on implementing her radical agenda to empty the jails of dangerous felons.

The moral: Voting down-ballot matters as well as being an informed voter.

Unfortunately, we have a little over two more years of this unqualified New Yorker in office who is foisting on us her radical values on Texas.


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