Cruz - Dewhurst Fight For The Future Of Texas And For The US Senate Open Seat

Ted Cruz Rocks Texas GOP Convention!

There certainly was a lot of excitement at the Texas State Convention in Fort Worth, not only among all the delegates but you could feel the momentum rising from the run-off candidates, their staff and volunteers adding to the thrill of the overall experience. Ted Cruz and David Dewhurst are both hoping to gain the US Senate seat left open by retiring US Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison. The candidates addressed the largest delegation in the nation on Saturday, Cruz at 2:30 pm and Dewhurst at 2:50 pm. Chairman Steve Munisteri announced their appearance on Friday, the day before, without giving a time because it had not been a scheduled event.

Cruz, former Solicitor General for the state of Texas, came on first with his petite wife, Heidi. They walked on stage to a roaring welcome from the delegates. The Cruz staff and volunteers had placed TED CRUZ signs on 8,000 seats in the arena in about 37 minutes. That in itself was quite an accomplishment. But like anything, the delegates were not obligated to use them as there were other signs on their seats that they could wave. The Cruz supporters displayed their preference with a sea of signs.

Cruz stood erect and faced his audience with hands stretched out as to embrace his supporters. He paced back and forth in an effort to reach everyone in the arena. His manner was calm, passionate and assertive. He thanked and credited his grassroots for getting him to the run off election on July 31st. He referred to Dewhurst as part of the ‘tired establishment.' Cruz listed his accomplishments as Solicitor General serving under Attorney General Greg Abbott and called him the greatest attorney general in America. Cruz has proven over and over again his conservatism and dedication in defending US sovereignty. He displayed his ability to be serious and with a sense of humor, when he described Dewhurst’s attack campaign ad on his ‘Chinese’ case, “and I want to eat your children.” He did not mince words when he said, “we are in a dog fight until July 31st.” He also gave Dewhurst a pat on the back by saying, “My opponent in this race is a good and decent man and deserves respect for his many years in public service. But our nation is in crisis and we need a fighter.” The crowd sent out a thunderous applause. They responded to Cruz because he believes in the grassroots, because he is passionate about what he believes in, because he cares about Texas and America. His opponent has done everything to avoid the Texas grassroots. Cruz asked, “Do the grassroots matter?” I say most certainly we do!

Texas Republican State Convention Speech by Lt. Governor David Dewhurst

The applause for Dewhurst paled in comparison to the welcome the delegates gave Cruz. Dewhurst told the audience that, “this run-off is a clear election between a lifelong conservative businessman, a conservative leader, a Washington outsider and a lawyer who is funded principally by Washington special interests.” This statement was offensive to most of the delegates and grumbling and booing could be heard loud and clear.

He then went into his usual rhetoric cozying up to Governor Perry’s record. He told the crowd that he did not have a life ambition to live in Washington. “I want to make a difference.” “I am running to blow up politics as usual in Washington, blow them up.” “I am mad.” If only Dewhurst could show some passion, some feeling in the words he uses. He said that we need to send proven conservative men and women to Washington who will stand and fight Obama and the liberal Democrats every single day. At this point, I was not sure if he was campaigning for Cruz or himself. Cruz has stood up for US sovereignty and fought the world court. Cruz is a proven conservative and everybody knows this. At this moment was he trying to compare himself to Cruz? Dewhurst should stand on his own accomplishments. He claimed to have passed the TSA Groping bill and the Sanctuary Cities bill. I believe that those claims are debatable.

As I watched Dewhurst give his speech, I wondered why he was really running as he has absolutely ‘no fire in the belly.'  The photograph above shows the disconnection he has with the people. He is facing in one direction and waving in another direction. This is not a typical wave. Most people wave in the direction they are facing. He stood hiding behind the podium the entire time, avoiding face to face confrontation with the delegates. In one of the blogs that I read recently, he is described as ‘cunning.’ Maybe that is a better word for Dewhurst. The first meaning for cunning is ‘the ability to deceive in a clever subtle way’. His disconnected wave reminded me of the Chinese TV ad and the race-baiting radio ad attacking Cruz. Just the usual typical Washington established establishment politician. The difference between Cruz and Dewhurst is day and night, jazz music and elevator music, a jalapeno and a wet noodle.

Signs tell the story of enthusiastic supporters
12 Ted Cruz signs to 3 David Dewhurst signs

More Ted Cruz signs no David Dewhurst signs

I was invited to participate at Bloggers Row at the convention but unfortunately I was not able to be there because of logistics. The interviews of Ted Cruz and David Dewhurst reveal their personalities and the issues they want to address as our US Senator.

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