Cuban Immigrant Slams Oregon Gun Control Lawmakers

While so many Americans are blind to the enslavement of our people, a man who fled slavery pours his heart out to lawmakers in Oregon who are attempting to strip liberty from the people of that state with more gun control laws.

Manuel Martinez fled Cuba to enjoy the freedom in American. He tells Oregon lawmakers attempting to pass gun control legislation that what he found here instead is MARXISM…

Amazing how foreigners, stripped of liberty, subjected to Marxism, see more clearly than many American-born citizens, what is truly happening in this country.

The people of this country may want to be dependent on the government, comfy with subjugation… Martinez says “This is not what the Founding Fathers of this country wanted for America.” An Armed America is a Free America… You legislators do not know what you are doing. You are either ignorant or intentionally enslaving the people. Neither is acceptable.

Thank you Manuel for seeing and so passionately stomping on toes as gutless American-born citizens sit by silently and do NOTHING.



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