Culberson Fulfills Agreement with Houston METRO and Gives Houstonians a Voice in THUD Appropriations Bill

I included language in the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development (THUD) appropriations bill fulfilling his 2015 agreement with Houston METRO to give voters the choice in building the University Line project that will run through Texas’ 7th Congressional District. The THUD bill passed the House Appropriations Committee 31-20 yesterday.

My primary responsibilities as a congressman include protecting our hard-earned tax dollars and protecting the quality of life in our neighborhoods. Since 2003, I have worked alongside business owners and residents that have shared their opposition to light rail projects on Richmond and Post Oak.

In 2015, Houston METRO and I worked together to come to an agreement, and my language in the FY18 THUD appropriations bill fulfills aspects of that agreement. My language ensures that the residents affected by the University Line project will have the opportunity to vote on a detailed transportation plan, and decide for themselves if they want light rail in their neighborhood.

As Houston continues to grow, our transportation solutions must also evolve, and Houstonians should have a voice in those discussions. I applaud Houston METRO for working to develop a new plan for transit services in the Houston area and hosting community meetings to get the input of the business owners and residents that are impacted by these plans.

On May 13, 2015, Houston Metro Chairman Gilbert Garcia and I reached an agreement to help relieve Houston traffic congestion, while giving area voters a voice in the transportation projects that influence their neighborhoods. Through negotiations, I agreed to assist Houston Metro in securing federal funding and in turn, Houston Metro agreed to support my language in the THUD appropriations bill to give voters the opportunity to vote on proposed light rail projects on Richmond and Post Oak.

For text of my language, click here.


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