Cutting Red Tape and Ensuring Accountability

I have always believed that the biggest threat to our country is a big, unchecked federal government. After nearly eight years of this president, we have seen laws such as the Dodd-Frank Act take power away from Americans and expand the size and scope of Washington. This 2,300 page law has imposed hundreds of new crippling regulations on American businesses and given an unprecedented amount of power to unelected Washington bureaucrats. We cannot and must not let our country be derailed by this Administration’s continued efforts to destroy the free-enterprise system. That is why I proudly voted to cut unnecessary red tape strangling small financial institutions – including the more than 2,000 community banks in Texas – and create a more transparent system to review the practices of FSOC and OFR. This legislation would ensure that these organizations are held accountable for their actions, not just by the President and his liberal cronies, but by the American people.


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