DA Bob Wortham Escapes Grand Jury Indictment despite evidence of Official Oppression against Rival David Bellow

Former US Attorney and current Jefferson County District Attorney Bob Wortham narrowly escaped a grand jury indictment and criminal charges today, and I, David Bellow, reach the culmination of my vindication after having been falsely charged and then got the charges dismissed and then turned the tables to expose the corruption of the District Attorney’s office that falsely charged me ending with the District Attorney himself facing a Grand Jury to determine whether or not to indict the district attorney for his corruption. The Texas Rangers had compiled substantial evidence of DA Bob Wortham having committed official oppression and abuse of office when he falsely charged me in a politically motivated prosecution after I blew the whistle on the criminal activity of his DA Investigator Marcelo Molfino. Wortham then used the false charges to demand that I stop investigating and speaking out against the corruption in his office.

Getting a local Jefferson County jury to indict such a high-profile, long-time public figure was always going to be difficult. Make no mistake this is a victory for the fight against corruption in Jefferson county. No other sitting Jefferson County District Attorney has ever even had to face a grand jury. Regardless of the outcome of the grand jury, the Texas Rangers investigated a sitting district attorney and found evidence of official oppression and abuse of office. They believed the evidence to be strong enough to then have a special prosecutor appointed who did not toss out the case and instead found it credible enough with proof of criminal activity to present to a grand jury. The Texas Rangers report will be obtained and released and the facts and history will show that Bob Wortham politically prosecuted me with false charges that were ultimately dismissed simply because he wanted to shut me up after I exposed the criminal activity within his office. Not only have all charges against me been dismissed, but the District Attorney’s office has been exposed for their corruption. For whatever reason the grand jury decided against prosecuting Bob Wortham and it might have been a simple technicality or it might have been statute of limitations or just a couple of Bob Wortham political supporters on the grand jury, but the facts of the case will never be erased and the facts show corruption within the district attorney’s office. This exposing of corruption will hopefully put an end to their corrupt practices and will help others who have or are being victimized by the corruption of Bob Wortham’s district attorney office.

I hold my head high today knowing that I have been vindicated and Bob Wortham has been exposed and the facts and proof were uncovered that show the corruption of Bob Wortham’s District Attorney office by the independent investigation of the Texas Rangers. He might have escaped the indictment, but the main goal was accomplished which was that he got exposed and had to publicly face questions about his actions. This will help put an end to his corrupt practices and will help many others who might have been future victims.

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