Deadbeat Trumpsters

Thousands and thousands of conservative Republicans are elected delegates at their precinct and county conventions to go to their state conventions and pound out state party platforms and convention rules. Some are elected there to be delegates from their states to do likewise at the national convention and elect a candidate to represent the Republican Party for the presidential election.

These are serious people who care about the party and the country's principles and invest their time and resources in promoting certain principles. And some off-the-street crowd strolls in with their bad hamburger knowledge of the system and supposes to command control of the party...WITH A MINORITY, NO LESS??!!

Why do we need delegates and conventions? Why do parties need platforms? Why not just let the pop-culture mis-educated people take a lunch break and directly elect our government? Scrap The Constitution while you are at it because the founders who framed it had read the lessons of history and very expressly wanted to avoid exactly such an unstudied direct democracy,

We would be electing actors and famous athletes with no clue about how to lead this country to opportunity and prosperity. The truth is that voting in a party's primary should require some understanding of and ideals about principles, or ALL of the states should restrict delegate selection to the people who have demonstrated allegiance and labor for the party.

Don't like their choices? DON'T VOTE FOR THEIR CANDIDATE! We've been doing it that way from the start. These grumbling Trump aspiring party thieves are beyond wearisome. Your boy has the money! Run him as an Independent and see how well he cleans up on the people who have been a bit more diligent! Grrrr!


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