Deception 102: How to spot a “Fake” Endorsement List – SAVE REPUBLICAN JUDGE CLYDE LEUCHTAG!

There are easy ways to spot a fake political mailer. NOTE ALL PICTURES ARE FROM FAKE MAILERS and HANDOUTS.

1. It comes from what appears to be the State Republican Party. There is a Texas GOP PAC mailer. It claims to represent “Official Endorsements”. However, it is from a guy named Clark (not the party), and THE PARTY DOES NOT MAKE PRIMARY ENDORSEMENTS.


2. It comes from what appears to be the County Republican Party. Here in Harris it is the Harris County GOP PAC “Official Endorsement” mailer and handout at the polls. However, it is from a guy named Clark (not the party—yes same guy as in #1), and again, the Party does not make primary endorsements.

3. MOST IMPORTANTLY for Harris County voters, it endorses “Gloria Cantu Minnick” over Judge Clyde Leuchtag in the race for County Civil Court at Law No. 1…Judge Leuchtag’s name may or may not be on the endorsement list depending on the format. However, Minnick is a DEMOCRAT! Both she and her husband-law firm partner are running for the same seat; he is running in the Democratic side and she is running on the Republican side. That race is a dead giveaway that the slate is tainted and is nothing more than a paid advertisement designed to DECEIVE you the voter that this is an earned endorsement, which it is not—it is nothing but a paid advertisement. NOTE that the Riddle campaign, lacking endorsements she’s lost to Valoree Swanson due to her poor votes in the 84th legislature, is handing these out at the polls and has them online. Riddle is thus helping elect a Democrat over the well-qualified and excellent Judge Leuchtag by using and handing out these fake flyers. (All confirmed via Texas Ethics Commission disclosure statements.)

Please do not let this deception work on you.

For more details, the first articles in this series are here and here.



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