Demanding Answers on the Abbey Gate Bombing

As the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, I am dedicated to uncovering the truth in the Biden administration's disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal. A recent report from CNN showed apparent discrepancies between newly reported footage of the Abbey Gate bombing in Afghanistan and the conclusions of the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) investigations. This week Congressman Mike Waltz and I wrote a letter the U.S. Secretary of Defense General Lloyd Austin, demanding clarity on these discrepancies.

According to the CNN report, the helmet camera of a Marine on the ground in Kabul reportedly recorded multiple bursts of gunfire immediately after the suicide bomber at Abbey Gate, with further gunfire in the minutes following the attack as well. Nearly three years later we still have the same questions that the very U.S. servicemembers captured in the video, including who was firing the rounds. 

The Abbey Gate attack took the lives of 13 servicemembers and left 170 Afghans wounded. Our Gold Star families and servicemembers deserve answers, and I will not rest until I deliver them. 

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