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If you’ve read any of my articles on this topic in the past, they were only a lead-in to what we know now.  Some view the Democratic Socialist of America party (DSA) as merely a small handful of malcontents who just want some air time on TV.  Not so any more.

The DSA is a fast growing (communist) organization across the U.S. (50,000 members+) and is well funded by ‘outside’ sources — like Germany.  Why would other countries be interested in the overthrow of America?  Because we are the last hope for world peace.  Yeah, I know, we’re imperialists and war mongers.  Yup, the Left sure has that mantra down.  However if you go back in history, you’ll find that almost all of the wars the U.S. has been involved in occurred on a democrat’s watch — not that republicans are totally devoid of error either.  But that doesn’t rule out someone else attacking us either.

The first step of learning about the DSA is take this subject serious.  Your future is at stake.  Don’t assume this is fake news or scare tactics.  It is real, it is dangerous, it is similar to Germany in the 1930’s.  In fact, the DSA is behind ‘antifa‘ (of which many members of Antifa are DSA members) which antifa is a key component of creating chaos in America.  One only needs to learn about CPUSA and REVCOMwhich have both been around for decades, and now the ‘new’ DSA to see that there are more than just a few college students making noise wanting to ‘improve’ America.

The DSA was first started in the 1980’s but lost notoriety.  But since the ‘fall of Bernie Sanders’ (presidential election bid) the DSA has come back alive and is growing rapidly.  If you read their website About page they are very vague in their explanation of their organization’s purpose.  They don’t come right out and say that they are a communist organization, they’re merely socialists.  Ah, but they’re not just young adults either, the DSA is for adults — the YDSA is for college students.  The implication being that they can grow even faster with focus on specific groups.

If you want a ‘taste’ of where they want to take our country, watch the following intro video on the DSA website.

If this is your value system, maybe you should consider skipping all of the anxiety and chaos here and move to a country that has already ‘converted’ — like say, Venezuela..?

Part II of this topic will be posted soon.  Stand by for the next exciting chapter of “How America turned into a third world country”....


If you Texans believe you’re free of this threat, check out the locals in your area.


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