Democratic Socialists Gaining Ground?

Many people have not even heard of this group, much less understand what their objective is. Why would anyone be concerned about democrats who have socialist leanings?

The answers to these questions should be of concern to everyone in America.

First we have to start with the question, “Where did this organization originate?” Answer, with Bernie Sanders. After losing his presidential election run, his followers created this organization to ‘carry the torch’ for him. What too many Americans don’t know is that Mr. Sanders has been a Marxist his entire life. Yes, the democrat party almost had a communist as a potential winner in a presidential election! But alas, Hillary cheated him out of his role in the future of America — she wanted to take us to the same place!

So, enter the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA).  The problem is, one needs to understand what this ‘term’ means.  Democratic sounds good, “No?”  Answer, “No!”

This country is not a democratic country — we are a Republic.  We elect educated and informed representatives from around the country to represent their state’s view on which direction that state wants to pursue various topics.  A democratic state merely means that everyone has an equal vote on our future direction.  Which, I am sure, you know more than a few people you think shouldn’t be allowed in a polling booth much less determine your future!

As for the socialist part of that title, the word socialist is often used synonymous with communism — it is a ‘softer’ word for an evil ideology.  The DSA is a radical organization with the objective of turning America into a communist state.  Whether we like it or not, we already have far too many DSA members in congress now!

Ah, but wait! Montana and Philadelphia have just had six more DSA members win in their primaries! If they move forward and win their seats in Congress, we’ll have a 136 DSA members instead of the current 130 we have now. And, we must consider that those who have formally joined the DSA have, in a sense, ‘come out’. One must wonder how many more there are that are in Congress staying in the closet for self preservation reasons?

Hopefully, men and women in America will wake up before too long and stop this insanity …  in their polling booth. We can only hope.

Democratic Socialists Win Primaries


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