Democrats’ Crime Spree via ‘Immigrants’

Crime in the larger urban cities (e.g., New York, L.A., San Francisco, Chicago, etc.) is growing at an abnormally rapid rate.  Why?  Because these larger ‘sanctuary cities’ are not trying to capture criminals, they are protecting them! California is actually creating new laws to outlaw criminal activity.  New York made the news recently that they would not hold dangerous criminals on bond.  Why?  It isn’t fare to the criminal?!!

So why do these larger cities function this way?  Answer, because they are typically run by Leftist leadership.  Understanding that leftist today means socialist.  And socialist (aka-progressive) is now functionally a synonym for Marxist/communist.  Sounds a bit extreme?  Let’s look at what’s in the queue for our country regarding what they now call immigration.

Immigration used to mean that someone applied for citizenship, went through a defined process which along the way the person learned English, our history, constitution, and social norms.  Today immigration means that it’s OK to sneak into America any way you can, avoid police, do whatever you want without recourse, and then cry foul if someone wants to hold you accountable.

Ah, “But wait, there’s more!”  Now the democrats (aka – socialists) want to completely destroy our immigration process — Enter House Bill: 5383.  (The previous link displays the actual text of the bill on a ‘.gov’ website.)

You haven’t seen anything yet trying to destroy our country.  If this bill were to pass the three branches of government, America would be toast rapidly!  Most citizens would be in fear for their safety every day if not dead due to increased criminal activity.  As if it isn’t bad enough with all of the current deaths perpetrated by illegals.

Again, this sounds extreme doesn’t it?

This bill is over 4400 words long which reduces the number of criminal illegals being deported and, gives those who have been deported the right to petition the U.S., and if their case is found to have merit, they can be transported back to the U.S. at taxpayer’s expense!  If that isn’t enough, it would totally destroy our safety organizations — ICE, Border patrol, and Homeland Security, making them ineffective at their jobs at a minimum.

Here’s a brief clip from Fox News with Tucker Carlson interviewing an attorney who supports this socialist, destructive bill.  Also the law enforcement community is concerned to say the least — Law Enforcement Today.  And of course it goes without saying that the ACLU is certainly in support of this action — read their view here.

I’ve been writing on the subject of socialists attempting to convert America into a soviet state for over six years.  Every year we continue to get closer to the progressive’s goal line.  (We have to be inside the ten yard line?!)  All it would take at this point to ‘flip’ the country is for the socialists (democrats) to get control of congress and the Whitehouse.  At that point, it would be game over.  Say goodbye to all of your rights as documented by our founders.

And who would we have to blame?  The voters of this country.  Scary, huh?

It’s like I tell my kids, “What you don’t value you will not keep.”


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