Democrats in Denial on Recession

Last week it was announced that the economy shrunk for the second consecutive quarter—officially defining the economic pain American families are feeling as a recession.

The White House worked overtime trying to change the definition of the word recession and gaslight the American people into believing our economy is not doing as poorly as we all know it to be. But we will not be fooled.

This recession is a direct consequence of President Biden's wasteful social spending policies and anti-energy agenda. 

Unfortunately, instead of turning back from the harmful policies that put us in this mess in the first place, Washington Democrats have announced that they are doubling down on their agenda to resurrect Build Back Better - a plan that raises taxes, sends hard-earned taxpayer dollars to green interest groups, and throws even more money at social spending programs. 

Democrats claim they are for the poor and working class, but It’s clear the Democrat way is hurting these groups the most. We can lower costs and put an end to crippling price hikes by unleashing American energy producers, return to the Trump-era economic policies that spurred record growth, and put an end to the Democrat party’s tax-and-spend policies once and for all.

Read more of my proposed solutions here. 


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