Democrats Fall Into Trap Again, Irrational Hatred Of President Trump Clouds Their Judgment

It used to be said that partisanship stops at the border, implying unity in foreign affairs. No more, as for Democrats it doesn't matter what President Trump does, it's wrong, it's stupid, he is out of control and is a danger to the U.S. and its interests.

Last week, the U.S. took out one of the leading organizers and sponsors of terrorism - Soleimani of Iran. The Democrat's talking points concede he was a bad guy, responsible for hundreds of American deaths, but then attacked President Trump while cowering in fear of Iran military power. They claimed the Middle East is now more dangerous and it's the President's fault. What's worse, the talking points could've been from Democrats here or written in Iran!

Speaker Pelosi incredibly called the killing of the terrorist Soleimani as a "provocative and disproportionate military air strike." This same so-called leader, when Obama invaded Libya and toppled that government, said that President Obama didn't need permission as "he has the authority he needs to go ahead."

And what about those so-called moderate Democrats running for re-election in lean Republican Texas districts? We heard only crickets. I wonder what happened to the promises made by moderate Democrats when campaigning to work across the aisle from Lizzie Fletcher (TX-7) and Colin Allred (TX-32)? From them we get the Speaker Pelosi talking points on Iran and a vote for the impeachment joke. That's something to keep in mind next November when you vote.

Let's break down those comments and review the facts. Iran's response was to bomb dirt and empty barracks after the U.S. was warned in advance. The only fear is the one Iran has of a more assertive U.S. finally standing up to the Iranian bullies. The ballyhooed Obama-Iran deal has been exposed as the joke it always was with 5 years left to expiration and massive cheating by Iran. While we are on the deal, remember we were promised anytime anyplace inspections, which never happened. Obama with the $150 billion payoff to Iran, part of which was used to fund terrorists. The U.S. Senate never ratified the deal.

As for the War Powers resolution, the only real purpose was to undermine President Trump's ability to protect Americans. This action sends mixed signals to our adversaries and demonstrates American weakness.

All important considerations while watching as events unfold.


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