Democrats Jeopardizing Livelihoods of Border Communities, Federal Employees to Spite President

In my time in the Senate I’ve had the opportunity to meet countless Texans who live and work along the Southern border, and I seek their advice and counsel on what Congress ought to do, what the federal government ought to do to protect them and their communities.

Just as these communities care deeply about the economic benefits of our shared border, they care deeply, of course, about their own safety and security. They believe that both can peacefully coexist and so do I.

In my experience and in learning from the experts, they tell me it's no one-size-fits-all solution.

We need to look at border security as a combination of three things. Physical infrastructure. Yes, that includes barriers, walls, fences, vehicle barriers in appropriate locations, but it also includes technology, radar, ground sensors, drones, aerostats. This is a layered approach that provides flexibility for the experts on the ground to determine what is best for each sector, what is best for each part of our immense border, and implement the changes necessary to achieve desired results.

Unfortunately, our Democratic colleagues' refusal to invest in real border security has landed us in a partial government shutdown, resulting in 800,000 federal workers who on Friday won't get a paycheck. That's unnecessary, and they are unfortunately collateral damage to a political game which we should not be playing.

I'm afraid this debate on border security, of course, is not really a debate about border security at all. It's a way for Congressional Democrats to take a stand against a president they oppose, while putting border communities at risk and sending the men and women who protect them to work without pay.

This battle’s gone on too long, and I can only hope that Speaker Pelosi and Minority Leader Schumer show some leadership rather than continue to take the low road.

If there was ever a time, now is the time for common sense to prevail and end this senseless shutdown.


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