Democrats' Kooky Ideas Coming Soon If You Give Them Control

I have been studying left-wing public policy ideas if they take control of Congress and/or the White House, read about it and go vote Republican.

"Medicare for All": A full-scale single-payer system would outlaw most private insurance benefits and cover everything for everyone. It would cost about $32.6 trillion over 10 years. Your taxes are going sky-high.

Reforming Capitalism: Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts has an "Accountable Capitalism Act" that would require big corporations to act in interests of more than just their shareholders.

Taxing Carbon (Oil): A progressive carbon tax price policy is being pushed and will cause higher energy prices.

Redistributing More Money: Senator Kamala Harris (Democrat from California) has a plan that would give up to $6,000 a year for married couples (3K for singles) making less than 100K a year, The Atlantic reports. This would cost an estimated $200 billion a year.

"Baby Bonds": Senator Cory "Spartacus" Booker wants to give as much as $46K to people upon reaching adulthood, scaled by family income and paid by, guess what, tax increases on capital gains and estates. No cost estimate yet.

Guaranteed Jobs: A plan that provides a guaranteed job to anyone who wants one. (Government employee as a last resort)

"Abolish ICE""Beto" O'Rourke ideas support open our borders to the mobs invading us from Central America.

Had enough? You and your friends need to vote straight Republican this year!


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