Democrats Refuse to Offer Alternative to White House DACA Framework

Today at a press conference, I urged my Democratic colleagues to join Republicans and the President in finding a bipartisan solution for recipients of the DACA program. 

In addition to reigning in overregulation, appointing good judges, and signing a historic tax code into law, President Trump has made a very generous proposal to the young people who came with their parents, they were brought into the country when their parents entered the country in violation of our immigration laws.

But we are a country that believes that children shouldn’t have to pay a penalty because of their parents’ conduct, and so President Trump has generously offered 1.8 million of these young immigrants an opportunity to a pathway to full participation in American society. While the President has made a very generous proposal, our colleagues, Senator Schumer and Senator Durbin, have not so far responded with any counterproposal at all, and I hope they’ll take the opportunity to do that soon.

The president of the national LULAC organization has endorsed the President’s four pillars of his proposal, demonstrating a willingness to work with all sides to come up with a solution. I hope our Democratic colleagues will embrace that chance that the President has given all of us to come up with a real solution while securing our borders and fixing our broken immigration system.


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