Dems Already Plotting to Bring ObamaCare Back

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) is a political committee devoted to maintaining and increasing the 239-member Republican majority in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The Supreme Court decision on ObamaCare hasn’t even been announced and House Democrats are already plotting how to bring it back if the Supreme Court strikes the law down:

REP. RAUL GRIJALVA (D-AZ): "THE EFFORT [TO BRING BACK OBAMACARE] WILL BE INTENSE":  "'I think the effort will be intense to come back, but also the opposition will be emboldened, knowing that their refuge is the courts,’ Grijalva said." (Sam Baker, “Court’s Decision on Healthcare Law Could Put Progressives Back at ‘Square One,’” The Hill, 6/21/2012)

REP. PETER WELCH (D-VT): OBAMACARE WASN’T “SO MUCH A DREAM AS A NECESSITY”: (Sam Baker, “Court’s Decision on Healthcare Law Could Put Progressives Back at ‘Square One,’” The Hill, 6/21/2012)

DEMOCRATS: “FULL SPEED AHEAD” ON OBAMACARE NO MATTER WHAT SUPREME COURT RULES: (Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar, “AP Sources: Administration Mulls Pared Health Law,” Associated Press, 6/18/2012)

OBAMA: “MAY HAVE TO REVISIT” OBAMACARE IN SECOND TERM: “President Barack Obama is confiding to Democratic donors that he may have to revisit the health-care issue in a second term, a position at odds with his publicly expressed confidence that the U.S. Supreme Court will uphold the Affordable Care Act, according to three Democratic activists.” (Hans Nichols, “Obama Tells Donors Health-Care Fight May Loom After Court Rules,” Bloomberg, 5/31/2012)

OBAMA HHS SECRETARY KATHLEEN SEBELIUS: DEMS WILL “KEEP GOING” WITH OBAMACARE NO MATTER WHAT SUPREME COURT RULES: (Sam Baker, “Sebelius: ‘We Keep Going’ if Court Strikes Down Mandate to Have Insurance,” The Hill, 1/24/2012)

Worse yet, some Democrats want to up the ante and get the government even more involved in healthcare if ObamaCare is repealed:

HOUSE DEMOCRATS DRAFTING A BACKUP PLAN FOR GOVERNMENT-RUN HEALTHCARE EXPANSION: “Universal coverage, Medicare for all, single payer — call it what you will. It's clear that conservative forces are determined to prevent such a system from ever being introduced at the national level. So it's up to the states. … But legislation quietly being drafted by Rep. Jim McDermott (D-Wash.) would change that. It would create a mechanism for states to request federal funds after establishing their own health insurance programs.” (David Lazarus, “Legislation May Enable States to Offer Universal Healthcare,” Los Angeles Times, 5/25/2012)

DEMOCRATS CLAIM THEIR PLAN WILL BUILD ON OBAMACARE: “Kinsey Kiriakos, a spokesman for McDermott, said by email that the bill is intended to advance the goals of President Obama's healthcare reform law, which would extend coverage to about 30 million of the 50 million people nationwide without insurance.” (David Lazarus, “Legislation May Enable States to Offer Universal Healthcare,” Los Angeles Times, 5/25/2012)

Democrats still haven’t learned from the failure of their healthcare law, and probably never will:

WASHINGTON POST: “THE POLITICAL FIGHT ON HEALTHCARE IS OVER. REPUBLICANS WON”: “While official Washington waits with bated breath for the Supreme Court to announce its decision on the constitutionality of President Obama’s health care law, a new study from the Pew Research Center makes it abundantly clear that the political fight over health care is already over. And Republicans won.” (Chris Cillizza, “The Political Fight on Healthcare is Over. Republicans Won.”, The Washington Post, 6/20/2012)

STUDY: OBAMACARE COST DEMOCRATS THE HOUSE IN 2010: “A top Democrat acknowledged Thursday that President Obama’s health care bill hurt his party in 2010. And a new study suggests it cost the Democrats something pretty specific: their House majority. … The study, by five professors from institutions across the country, looks at the health care bill alongside other contentious votes in the 111th Congress and determines that, more so than the stimulus or the cap-and-trade energy bill, it cost Democrats seats. In fact, they lost almost exactly the number of seats that decided the majority.” (Aaron Blake, “Study Shows Health Care Bill May Have Cost Democrats the House,” The Washington Post, 3/9/2012)

OBAMACARE COST DEMOCRATS “25 SEATS, EXACTLY THE NUMBER THEY NEEDED TO KEEP THE MAJORITY”: “Study co-author Seth Masket of the University of Denver said that Obamacare cost House Democrats 25 seats, exactly the number they needed to keep the majority. Democrats who voted for the health care act ran six percentage points behind those who didn’t, Masket said, enough to cost those 25 members their seats. Overall in 2010, 63 Democrats lost their jobs.” (Paul Bedard, “ObamaCare Could Cost Democrats the Senate Too,” The Washington Examiner, 3/12/2012)

AP: “JUST A THIRD” FAVOR OBAMACARE, 48% OPPOSE: (Mark Sherman, “Poll: Just a Third Favor Obama Health Care Law,” Associated Press, 6/20/2012)

ONLY 21% OF INDEPENDENTS LIKE OBAMACARE: “But an Associated Press-GfK poll shows that only 21 percent of independents approve of the law, a new low in AP-GfK polling.” (Mark Sherman, “Poll: Just a Third Favor Obama Health Care Law,” Associated Press, 6/20/2012)



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So you don't like the individual mandate in the health care law. Fine.  What would you replace it with? Why do you think Newt Gingrich back in Hillary's days was for it -- after they had looked at everything else? There was no way around it. "The insurance mandate is socialism, plain and simple." If it's socialism, you'd have to buy it from the government, which would also tell you what doctor or hospital to go to.  But you can buy health insurance from anybody, and you can get treated by the doctor and hospital you want.  What's socialist about that? "Can't you see, the government is making us buy insurance. We have no choice in the matter."Do you have a choice not to get hurt, or not to get sick?  Why then do you want a choice not to have insurance to pay for it when you do?States in fact already have an individual mandate for car insurance, and they have been putting uninsured drivers in jail for years. "That's different.  Driving is a privilege." Then free health care must be a right in your book.  Maybe this idea came from hospitals continuing to treat the uninsured the last half century.  The tradeoff to us living in a civilized society is that we have to follow rules we don't agree with.  In return, we get great many things, including goods and services that otherwise would be unavailable. But, we still have to pay for them. The mandate makes sure that we do.What's wrong with that?

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