Department Of Veterans Affairs Failures

The Veterans Administration failed to contact thousands of veterans who submitted applications for health care. Apparently, those applications were incomplete, but the VA did not tell the vets to correct the applications and resubmit them; so the applications were left pending on a shelf with no action by the VA and no health care for the veterans.

Reports state that nearly 300,000 veterans died waiting for a resolution from the VA. Of course, the VA blamed the veterans. This is a farce.

The veterans never even received a follow-up call to finish their supposedly incomplete applications. These mistakes are that of the VA, not the veterans.

The VA should be ashamed. Government bungling stood in the way of these warriors receiving health care and broke a promise the Nation gave to them. The VA’s dysfunctional bureaucrats need to be removed, and veterans should be allowed to have a voucher that gives them the privilege to go to their own doctors, doctors who are more concerned about health care than paperwork.

And that is just the way it is.


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