The Deplorable Hillary

The recent uproar about the FBI reopening or continuing the email investigation merely reinforces what should have been obvious to a Democratic voter or Hillary supporter: the Democratic Party nominated an individual who could easily be indicted or should have been by now. There is no doubt based on what we know that Hillary Clinton has been protected from Obama Department of Justice from any consequences of her past actions but now the voters are being reminded of who Hillary Clinton truly is, a corrupt politician who has enriched herself and family on the public trough.

As I told a friend of mine recently in the debate about the merits of Hillary Clinton, “I won’t insult you with the benefits of Trump as a candidate or human being; don’t insult me about pushing Hillary Clinton's fitness for office.” I have been critical of Trump but I haven’t forgotten that Hillary Clinton is a deplorable person along with being a corrupt and incompetent public official. You would be hard pressed to name a major accomplishment of Hillary Clinton whereas you can at least say that Trump has some business accomplishment to brag about. Clinton's tenure as Secretary of State has been a disaster as we are weaker and less safe today than when Obama and Clinton took office. That is not a debatable point but historical fact.

The Clintons have been part of the national political scene since the early 1990’s, and before that major players in Arkansas politics from the late 1970s, and while the 1990s were a successful period, much of it's due to when Clinton abandoned the leftist drift and moved to the center of politics after Republicans took over Congress in 1994. The Clintons also poisoned the political war with their continuous political campaign and the politics of personal destruction, which continues today through the Obama administration and this present campaign. Bill Clinton may have been an effective president as far as the economy goes, but Both Clintons also managed to escape enough corruption that would have ended the career of any other politician or just send them to jail. Throughout this primary, the Democrats were perfectly willing to overlook the corruption and criminality of Hillary Clinton.

Over the past decade, the Democratic Party that has moved so far to the left that you can’t even distinguish between socialist Bernie Sanders and most of his Democratic Senate colleagues, and Clinton simply moved to the far left while abandoning all of the policies that made her husband a success. She has no problem taking any position needed to win as the WikiLeaks emails showed, she has a public position and a private position: saying one thing behind closed doors and saying another on the campaign trail. Being a serial liar is hardly a qualification for Presidency and while politicians are noted for stretching the truth, Hillary Clinton has taken lying to an art form not seen where even the use of words like if, an, and but must be reviewed for veracity.

If you want to know the difference between Republicans and Democrats, it is that there are quite a few Republicans who understand the character flaws of Donald Trump, including many who are supporting Trump but where are the Democrats who have criticized the character flaws of Hillary Clinton, flaws that are worse than the groping by Donald Trump. (That is for those of us who think that allowing the Russians to control a significant portion of United State uranium business while the Clintons profited is worse than a groping Trump.)

Nor is Hillary Clinton a nice person as FBI documents showed when documents released showing that those responsible protecting her couldn’t stomach her because she treated them with contempt. As one agent noted, “When I first met her, we were given specific instructions: don’t look at her, don’t look at her general direction and if you need to talk to her, keep it short and stay out of her way.” A person who lords her own authority over those who are responsible for protecting her is a deplorable person.

For many voters, this is an election where neither candidate meets a basic qualification for the oval office but in Hillary Clinton, we have a candidate who is not just under FBI investigation but up to now, has avoided a prosecution that would have landed any other individual in jail. If you listen to James Comey in his press conference in July when he did not recommend prosecution, he laid out a case that showed that she indeed was careless with classified materials. That alone should disqualify her from office and the recent FBI announcement that they have found emails on Anthony Weiner’s devices belonging to Huma Abedin simply reminds us of the character flaws of Hillary Clinton. Flaws that should make it clear to any voter: disqualify her from the Presidency.


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