DIB WALDRIP the RIGHT one for TX Court of Criminal Appeals Place 8

The Court of Criminal Appeals is the highest court in Texas for deciding criminal justices issues. There is no one better qualified than Judge Dib Waldrip to be elected to Place 8 on the Court. The only candidate in this race who is a board certified specialist in criminal law, Judge Waldrip would bring knowledge, expertise and integrity to the court.

He is the only candidate to have tried, as an attorney, criminal cases and then handle the appeals of his convictions. He has served on several state-wide boards, committees and commissions involving criminal law and procedure.

Waldrip’s well rounded experience in the realm of criminal law makes him ideally suited for this important judicial post. His calm demeanor and quite confidence on the bench only add to his unique qualifications.

By way of contrast, Michelle Slaughter, extolls her ‘vast’ experience as being in business, labor and employment, bankruptcy and other areas of civil law. She has made the statement “civil law is much more broad, complex and involved than criminal law.” Apparently, deciding on Death Penalty cases where defendants live or die is so simple for her.

Slaughter has neither prosecuted nor defended a single criminal case. She claims, that going into her second term to have presided over 1000’s of felony criminal cases. Yet, her docket is evenly split between civil and criminal. 1000’s? Just how big are the dockets in Galveston County?

Dib Waldrip is a remarkable judge and is endorsed by State Senator Donna Campbell, his community and many other organizations. The money that is going into this race by his opponent is appalling and should give every voter pause. Judges should not be controlled by any entity.

Fight, Never Give UP!


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