Did Donald Trump's Debate Lose Him The Election

Donald Trump showed how to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. He managed to blow a big opportunity against Hillary Clinton in the first debate. He started out strong in their first debate, making Hillary the issue, before he got baited into answering Clinton’s charges and suddenly he became the issue. It was bad enough that he lost the second half of the debate but it was his post-behavior that assured Hillary’s attack on Trump’s temperament worked. Trump spent all night tweeting about Alicia Machado’s past. And, Trump managed to make a woman who has been involved in a murder plot and starred in porn movies actually sympathetic.

Trump showed his lack of discipline once again. When you think he has turned the corner, he manages to find even new lows. He allowed Hillary to slip away and gain new momentum. Trump’s momentum going into the debate has now stalled and Hillary has moved three points ahead. She has also made inroads in key battleground states such as Florida.

Trump has yet to learn one key lesson: when you want to go after someone hard who is not the candidate, use your surrogates. Stay above the fray. Trump has demonstrated again that he can’t seem to learn the basic lessons of campaigning. In the debate itself, Hillary left herself open numerous times to counter attacks but Trump never seem to know the issues enough to launch those counters. All Trump had to do was to act Presidential for 90 minutes and he didn’t.

Now with the Vice President debate Tuesday and the second Presidential the following Sunday; team Trump has two more chances to make amends. Trump's failure to even prepare may cost him an election that he had a good chance of winning. As for the second debate, Trump needs to come in better prepared and control his instincts. If not, this race will simply get away, threatening Republicans in key Senate races!

As Trump closed the gap going into the debate, Republican chances to keep the Senate increased as well. Many Republicans running down ticket may be tied to Trump’s own performance. Even a close Trump defeat gives the GOP a solid chance to keep the Senate but if Trump falls further behind; then each Republican candidate is on their own.

Trump can change the momentum back by simply showing discipline. If he doesn’t, voters may ask a more serious question. If Trump can’t discipline himself in a campaign why should they trust him as President? Clinton’s charge of his lack of discipline take holds through the rest of the election. In an election where the voters find both candidates flawed and deplorable, the least deplorable candidate has the advantage. After the first debate, the least deplorable candidate is Hillary Clinton.

If Trump loses, he has to look in the mirror. Don’t blame the never Trumpers or the GOP, for Trump has his fate in his hands. He is blowing it. Period. If you can’t even act Presidential over 90 minutes or show basic knowledge of key issues then it is on you.


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