Disappearance of Rhinos and Elephants

Wild-life trafficking is a much larger problem than many realize. This illegal activity is connected to two major concerns: one, extinction of species; and, two, the funding of terrorist organizations. 

Rhinos are killed for their horns, and elephants are killed for their tusks. The handful of rhinos in Africa are almost extinct, and 100 African elephants are killed by ivory poachers a day. 

Illegal wildlife trade serves as a source of cash flow for thugs like terrorists and international criminal organizations. They fund many of their deadly activities by poaching animals and then selling the parts internationally. 

Adding to the problem is the fact that some foreign authorities are corrupt and complicit in trafficking. All nations must take an aggressive stand to prevent this trafficking.

This starts with the stopping of the illegal transport of ivory and rhino horns. The nations of the world must tighten the screws against those who participate in this destruction of wildlife; otherwise, the only place our kids will see rhinos and elephants is on the Disney Channel.

And that is just the way it is.


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