Disappointed but not Deterred

While millions of Americans are disappointed by today’s decision, Congress will not be deterred in our commitment to repeal Obamacare. The individual mandate may have been found to be constitutional as a tax, but that doesn’t make it good policy for the American people. The President’s promises about Obamacare have proved hollow. Obamacare costs our economy trillions of dollars, imposes new and burdensome taxes on the American people, and drives up costs for employers. Under this law, millions of Americans will be forced to abandon their current health care plans and change doctors. Decisions about treatment for certain illnesses will be made by a panel in Washington, D.C. rather than by patients and their physicians.

Today’s decision not only upholds bad policy, it sets a dangerous precedent about the power of the federal government. Never before in our nation’s history has the federal government required people to purchase a good or service simply because they live in the U.S. – until now. Our Founders created a system of government where the power belongs to the people. Part of living in a free society means having the freedom to choose not to do something. Unfortunately, this ruling gives the federal government too much power over the daily lives of Americans.

While President Obama may have won in the Supreme Court today, he has lost in the court of public opinion. A recent Reuters poll found that 56% of respondents oppose Obamacare and 61% oppose the individual mandate. House Republicans will continue to do our part to repeal Obamacare and enact real reforms that reduce health care costs without restricting the rights of Americans. But if the American people want to overturn today’s ruling, they must show up at the polls in November and elect a new President and members of Congress who oppose Obamacare.


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