Don't Be Fooled: Obamacare's Flaw Is In The Conception, Not Just The Execution

These are some things I wrote over four years ago, when the law was still being devised and I hoped would never pass. They discuss some possibilities and principles that apply to where we are: Understanding Health Insurance and Why Profiting Insurance Companies Are Better Than Government.

It may all be so that the website was poorly designed and executed and will require much expense of time and money to repair; money that frankly would have been much better spent by government by just giving it to the needy to buy private insurance, and unsurprisingly so given the inherent incompetence of government vs. private efforts. But don't get your eyes off the ball. Even if they'd hired a competent private IT firm to design the system and it worked perfectly, it would be perfect execution of an immoral, unconstitutional and un-American idea.

The problem is in the conception, not merely the execution. Leftism is about fantasy; the dream that you can provide something, in this case magical health maintenance for everyone, for nothing, just by passing a law. It is the repetitive delusion of all of human history.

The bottom-line is that such ideals must be addressed by private and local agencies. As I've written many times, my and most local areas already provided medical treatment for the needy and uninsured. The whole gargantuan, expensive boondoggle was directed at a problem that was non-existent.

Shortly after I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and had an exacerbation after my COBRA coverage had expired, I had to exploit this county provision. Relative to what I received in the natural private facilities, the care was impersonal, ungracious and miserable, though I'm glad I got some treatment. But I GUARANTEE you that it was much better than this or ANY federal system would deliver. That is not emotional but a practical and proven fact!

Wiser people must escape this delusory system and perceptual scheme and recreate a domain that respects decency, privacy and liberty. There are no shortcuts around the virtue and performance of a reality like that.



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