Down-Ballot Republican Candidates Will Lose Under Straight Ticket Ban

Opponents of the ban on straight-ticket voting said they’re worried Ron Simmon’s bill will lead to lower voter turnout.

On the House floor, several Democrats, including state Rep. Chris Turner, D-Grand Prairie, expressed concerns that getting rid of one-punch voting would inconvenience voters and discourage them from participating in future elections .Rep. Turner is absolutely correct!

The Republicans will be losing votes for down-ballot Republican candidates in the general election. With 64% of voters in the 12 largest counties voting straight ballot, Republicans have been overwhelmingly elected.

Taking away the right to vote a straight ticket will not make voters study the qualifications of a lengthy list of down-ballot candidates. The ban on straight ticket voting will increase Democratic victories. Democrats are more interested in winning than worrying about candidate qualifications. While the same may be said of Republican voters, is it not better to have Republicans win the election than to give the victory to the Democrats in an impossible effort to force Republicans to cast informed votes?

If the Governor wants to keep Texas Republican, he should VETO HB25.


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