Earmarks: Where I Stand on Targeted Spending

It's my job as a representative to be an advocate for my constituents.  Since Congress holds the power of the purse, Members of Congress should be able to direct the Army Corps of Engineers to move more rapidly on a flood control project. 

The best way to do that is to target the spending for specific flood control projects, like a third reservoir in West Houston, and put time limits on the project so that the Army Corps of Engineers has to act. This is a matter of life and death to protect people and property against massive hurricanes and the tremendous storm surges and flooding that come with them.

I’m proposing that we restore the ability of Members of Congress to direct money towards flood control or highway projects when we receive a request from a local or state unit of government.  We would submit the request at the subcommittee level, and the request would then go through the entire legislative process, out in the open, so that the public can see it and debate it. Most importantly, these projects would not increase spending. It’s good public policy.


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