On Election 2022: Nationwide Could Be Better, Texas Holds, Harris County Close But No Cigar

Having recently returned from the Middle East, I have had a chance to digest what happened and why.

Nationally, the GOP wave was reduced to a trickle. Why? It says here you can't just run against, you need to run for. This year's version of the Brilliant Contract for America of 1994 was a dud. The GOP senate candidates endorsed by Trump were mediocre at best. The GOP did not handle the abortion issue smartly, either running and hiding, or failing, to explain the Democrats' radical position. Note this election occurred under Biden's watch, with inflation at radically high levels, a border that is wide open, and out of control crime. Don't forget Trump's teasing of a run for President in 2024 which didn't help with independents.

Statewide in Texas, it was a good day for Republicans; plus two in the state house, and a pickup of two congressional seats. The high hopes for the Hispanic GOP candidates in the valley for three victories resulted in only one win, Monica De La Cruz. This is an area to work on in the future.

Then we get to the big one, Harris County. To the key candidates, Alex Mealer, Jack Cagle and Jack Morman, close, but no cigar. They all ran hard and had high profile campaigns. The issues of runaway crime, corruption and spending served to align with the votes yet all three lost, or did they?

There is an ongoing investigation by the Texas Rangers and the Democrat-led Harris County District Attorney's Office (Kim Ogg) are investigating scores of potential ballot fraud including more votes counted than actually voted; supply issues that prevented voting in Republican areas and illegal slow count of votes; a failure in the ballot by mail program, losing County Judge by 12,000, Cagle's race by 1,400 and Morman's race by 2,800.

With the most active judicial campaign well-funded countywide and the issues, the GOP still lost most races.

The big winner is Rodney Ellis, a brilliant political chess player who simply made every right move from re-districting to finessing issues.

The biggest loser is Lina Hidalgo, who after achieving a close victory gave an ugly victory speech with zero graciousness. Talk about a sore winner. She challenged her opponents and it appears they will pick up the gauntlet. Her future is cloudy at best.

Next issues are the challenges ahead for Harris County and its all Democratic government, and is there a Republican future countywide for Republicans?


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