This Election is Not Over

Update: Trump Lawyers held a  press conference Nov. 19 on the evidence of voter fraud.


If you’re looking for a TV news source that will tell you the truth, I recommend tuning into Newsmax.

The mainstream media has declared a Biden victory, but every legal vote must be counted and every illegal vote discarded. Recounts are imperative in some states and will be ordered by courts in other states. It could take weeks before we have certified and final results. States have until December 8th to certify, and the electoral college members meet December 14th to finalize.

There have been many eye-witness accounts and allegations of voter fraud and many reported technical glitches. The mainstream media is refusing to cover substantial findings and allegations. Big tech is censoring and flagging content.

The people of this nation must have an election process that is believable and legitimate.

God willing, we will get to the bottom of these allegations and separate right from wrong.

A great website to learn about election fraud and keep up with the current allegations is

If you or anyone you know personally witnessed or have evidence of voter fraud, please report it to Every Legal Vote or True the Vote’s Election Integrity Hotline.

True the Vote has been around for years and recently launched a “Validate the Vote” Initiative with a fund of over $1 million to compensate and protect whistleblowers. They can be emailed at [email protected] or called at (855-702-0702).

God bless you, and may He help us uphold the integrity of our elections.


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