Evidence Shows RNC Rigged Vote on Rule Change at Republican Convention 2012?

Witnesses say that Teleprompter scrolled "the ayes have it" even before the voice vote was taken. Also, video of the rule change vote at the Republican National Convention shows that the vote seemed to be a toss up with no clear winner and yet the ayes were immediately declared winners. This declaration was drowned out by loud booing. Also, before John Boehner called for the vote, he asked if there were any objections and there were clearly people who objected and yet John Boehner said there were none.

Other witnesses say that they were purposely held up in the convention bus so that they would miss the vote in the rules committee. Also, news outlets reported that Romney had two of the rules committee delegates removed and replaced with delegates who would vote for the Romney Rule Changes. These committee delegates being held up and replaced prevented a minority report because there were not enough committee members.

Why even have a convention and send delegates to vote if it is all just for show with no debate allowed and no roll call vote allowed to determine which side actually won the vote?

I am voting for Romney because Obama must be defeated, but these kinds of stunts are not acceptable and should not just be ignored. These kinds of stunts will tear the party in two and allow Obama to be re-elected.

A couple of days ago, I wrote an article about some very bad changes that were trying to be made to the Republican Party Rules. These bad changes were an attack on grassroots conservatives and would divide Republicans and damage the Party at a time when unity is required. One of these changes would allow the Republican Nominee to pick who National Delegates are instead of the States. This would not only take power away from the state, but it would also allow the presidential nominee to decide what is in the platform by picking delegates that agree with him instead of the districts and States picking delegates to represent their values. Another one of the rule changes would allow the handful of RNC members to change the Party Rules between conventions with no checks and balances and without approval from the delegates.

A compromise was offered, but then it was discovered that the compromise did not fix all of the issues and instead only addressed one issue. This compromise was being pushed as a way to distract conservatives from fighting against the other bad rule changes.

The compromise did distract some delegates, but even so, there were still many delegates who were going to vote against the rule changes because of bad changes like the power grab and centralization of power of allowing the RNC to change Party Rules between conventions. That brings us to the question of whether or not the vote was rigged in favor of the rule changes.

Below are emails I recieved from two witnesses at the national convention. Also below is the video showing the vote being too close to call but immediately called in favor the the rule changes...

What do you think?

From National Delegate Jeremy Blosser:

It was a complete and utter railroad on all issues before the convention. No votes were seriously taken--the teleprompter included "the ayes have it" and thats how it was always read. It was so obvious that by the end,  people were just laughing at it.

The VA bus was hours late, so Morton Blackwell missed the rules meeting entirely. People on the bus reported it drove around the block and backtracked several times until they told them to just stop and let them walk. ND and IA buses were also late and were minority report states.

Repeated attempts to gain recognition from the floor to make any corrective motion whatsoever, let alone debate, were simply ignored. Thats no real surprise, but many long time attendees were still surprised at the level this one went to. It would truly not have mattered to the outcome if no one had been in the seats.

From National Delegate Janis Holt:

Unfortunately, we were not able to stop the rules from being adopted as is. There was no chance for debate. It wasnt allowed.

Watch the video below of the rule change vote at the Republican National Convention 2012. There are clearly objections to the vote, and then it is clear that the vote was too close to call.


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People need to learn that Ron Paul supporters are not your enemy. We've been trying to tell you that the "political elite" will do anything to keep their power. I hope others take the time to see and acknowledge the actions of the RNC, and truly question who is lying to who. The actions of the RNC should have made it obvious who are the real problem in this nation. Of course, Obama, and many under him are part of the problem as well. But, Ron Paul supporters simply acknowledge the reality that both parties are corrupted to the core. The RNC event hopefully made this obvious, as we stated. Yes, Ron Paul supporters are very vocal and adamant, but they do have great arguments and truly do carry a passionate spirit about the message they carry.

I wasn't always a Ron Paul supporter. You often hear them talk about "waking up," to the reality of our government. Well, I use to discredit them as well. Then I too woke up. I hope others do too.

We shouldn't be loyal to the party. We need to learn to be loyal to the constitution and liberty again. That's all Ron Paul supporters truly are about. I personally will not be helping Romney against Obama, because after his actions, my gut instinct just prevents me from doing so. I don't trust him, and these actions just solidified my beliefs. I will not condemn others who do support him. But don't assume that Romney is a good candidate, because these actions should clarify otherwise. This is America, and people should be free to vote who they want. Well, Ron Paul supporters will simply not compromise, and I respect them for that. Compromise is why we've gotten to this point, and compromise is why the rules were just changed against the grassroots of America.

 Although I have been a Republican for 40 years, I will not be voting for Romney. I refuse to vote for a criminal!

Good summary. The teleprompter already had "The ayes have it" printed on it. Video of teleprompter: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77W5OKStO5s&feature=player_embedded

I recall Bohner ACTING all 'humble' and 'tearful' when he was elected Speaker of the House; however, I saw a very cold CHEAT reading off the teleprompter at the RNC.  Shame on Bohner because our Speaker of the House should have INTEGRITY and HONESTY.  I am disgusted and as a life-long republican, I will be LEAVING the party as of this week and I know a few others who are doing the same.  Someone should SUE for this.  Take some sort of legal action.  It was blatantly CRIMINAL.  Romney will lose now for sure because he was never really liked and now he's just trash for being a player in all the cheating and lies.  I am calling our Speakers office to register my disgust and I am contacting all the left-wing media to see to it that he gets spanked hard for this.  He has some answering to do..

Thank you for posting this I was there and it made me sick I will assist in ensuring mitt romney loses in November due to what I witnessed first hand!!!

You say you are voting for Romney because Obama must be defeated. I remind you that appeal to fear is a logical fallacy, and you appear to have fallen for it. If you vote for Romney, he will have no way of knowing that you only voted for him because you believe he is the lesser of two evils. He will interpret your vote as an endorsement of his policies. If you believe that what he did was wrong, then do not support him. Do what most of us Ron Paul supporters will do and support Gary Johnson.

What can we do about the abuse of power in the RNC? So many of us feel disenfranchised by the elite of the RNC and I am not voting for Romney...but I may vote against Obama. I have not made a decision on this.  All of the Texas voters that I know are voting against Obama. I truly hate to give up on the Republican Party but how do we restore, renew and reunite when we do not know how to fight these devils at the top? Answers to this will be appreciated. 

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