Exercise Your Right to Vote in the 2018 Elections

Today is the day! How blessed are we to have an effective democracy that allows us to have a say in how we are governed? Every American citizen, make sure to do your civic duty and vote. There are many close races and there is a lot at stake for our state and nation. 

For information on your polling location, a sample ballot, where to track results, and more, CLICK HERE.

According to journalist and political analyst, Scott Braddock, these are the Texas legislative races he expects to be competitive:


SD 10: Sen. Konni Burton v Beverly Powell

SD 17: Sen. Joan Huffman v Rita Lucido

SD 16: Sen. Don Huffines v Nathan Johnson


HD 108: Rep. Morgan Meyer v Joanna Cattanach

HD 115: Rep. Matt Rinaldi v Julie Johnson

HD 102: Rep. Linda Koop v Ana Maria Ramos

HD 107: Rep. Victoria Neave v Deanna Metzger

HD 105: Rep. Rodney Anderson v Terry Meza

HD 112: Rep. Angie Chen Button v Brandy Chambers

HD 114: Lisa Luby Ryan v John Turner

HD 113: Jonathan Boos v Rhetta Bowers

HD 47: Rep. Paul Workman v Vikki Goodwin

HD 45: Ken Strange v Erin Zweiner

HD 52: James Talarico v Cynthia Flores

HD 136: Rep. Tony Dale v John Bucy

HD 134: Rep. Sarah Davis v Allison Sawyer

HD 138: Rep. Dwayne Bohac v Adam Milasinic

HD 135: Rep. Gary Elkins v Jon Rosenthal

HD 117: Rep. Philip Cortez v. Michael Berlanga Berlanga

HD 144: Rep. Mary Ann Perez v. Ruben Villareal


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