Facts Vs. Opinion: The Harris County Free-Bail System Is Not Working

The report in the Houston Chronicle of September 4, 2020 is inaccurate based on the oversight team (that taxpayers are paying for) who have ignored the problems. The monitors have ignored information provided by other county officials that show otherwise.

The goal of using the poster children, first offender misdemeanor shoplifting stuck in jail as he or she couldn't get a bond to sell a massive free bond system, has worked.

But hundreds of multiple-time offenders are in a revolving door out of jail on a free bond and committing more crimes, some as serious as murder and often out again. Why can't we get an honest assessment?

They also ignored Andy Kahan, long-time victim advocate and Director of Victim Services at Crime Stoppers. Kahan's most recent example, Vernon Menifee, out on three felony bonds and charged with murder. What is unbelievable, he recently got a bond on the new murder for a cash deposit of $15,000. There are hundreds and hundreds of stories like this. You can't make it up.

And don't forget the radical left empty the jail advocates due to COVID-19 have been working since the Spring in Federal court to empty the county jail aided by County Judge Lina Hidalgo and County Commissioner Rodney Ellis. Fortunately, Attorney General Ken Paxton and District Attorney Kim Ogg have been standing tall and opposing this jail break. One high level HPOU (police union) leader told your Editor, if this happens, Harris County would become the Wild West with public safety decimated.


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