Faith & Freedom First Rally San Antonio, Texas

SAN ANTONIO – The First Amendment to the Constitution establishes our right to exercise our religious beliefs as we deem fit, without fear of persecution, intimidation or coercion from our government. Freedom of religion, which is embodied by the First Amendment, is arguably the greatest single tenet that defines the nature of our country as a nation of liberty. So it is with profound concern and indignation that we stand in unity to denounce the Health and Human Services (HHS) mandate which would force Americans to participate in acts that violate their religious beliefs and consciences. This mandate is an egregious assault on the religious liberty and conscience rights of all Americans and we refuse to stand idle as our Constitutional rights are violated.

We represent a diverse array of religions, faiths and belief systems that exist in our community. Yet we stand together as a testament to the strength of the values that were deposited in our Constitution by the Founding Fathers. As Americans, we are here to defend our Constitutional rights. We refuse to stand by as our elected officials impose policies intended to foreclose our freedoms. The First Amendment protects the people from acts of religious coercion by the government. Yet the HHS mandate is intended to compel Americans to participate in acts that violate their religious beliefs and consciences. This patently coercive policy is not only unacceptable, it is unconstitutional and must be met with stern opposition by all who seek to uphold our Constitution.

Therefore, we call upon all citizens and all elected officials to stand with us in denouncing the HHS mandate. We vow to continue our opposition with unyielding resolve until our elected officials repeal this unjust mandate. We will not compromise our religious freedom.

In furtherance of our efforts here in San Antonio, we want invite the general public to the Faith and Freedom Rally to be held at Main Plaza in the heart of Downtown San Antonio Saturday, February 18, 2012, from 12:00pm‐1:30pm. To learn more about the rally you can visit our website at



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