False Charges against Liberty County Constable John Joslin Dismissed – DA Investigator Marcelo Molfino Fabricated Charge

The false charge of perjury against Liberty County, TX Constable John Joslin has been dismissed. Jefferson County District Attorney Bob Wortham dismissed the charges in order to keep his DA investigator Marcelo Molfino from having to take the stand and be exposed under oath for perjury and other criminal activity. Marcelo Molfino personally wrote an affidavit to have John Joslin sign with tricky wording with the intent to then personally charge Joslin with perjury by twisting around the wording in an affidavit that Marcelo Molfino had personally written. It was a bogus political charge from Jefferson County District Attorney Bob Wortham with Marcelo Molfino as the hitman. It is becoming their go to thing to do that If you can’t find something illegal you just get them to say something that you can twist to say I think they are lying and then charge them with perjury. That is what happened to John Joslin. President Donald trump recently spoke out against dirty cops. President Trump pointed out that there were dirty cops in the FBI who wrote about opposing Trump and then made false and illegal fabricated stories to attempt to prosecute him and get warrants. Marcelo Molfino is one of these kinds of dirty cops and he brings discredit to the very good and honorable officers who serve and protect us daily. Even his fellow officers say he is dirty because the agent at Texas DPS who investigated his crimes found him in violation of the law. Criminal Justice reform must be done to place safeguards to protect innocent people from false and malicious prosecutions.

Corruption runs deep in Bob Wortham’s Jefferson County District Attorney’s office, and much of the corruption surrounds DA investigator Marcelo Molfino. I too had been falsely charged by Bob Wortham and Marcelo Molfino. I wrote about this recently in this article: False Stalking and Perjury Charges against David Bellow DROPPED – Texas Rangers Investigating DA Bob Wortham for Corruption. I have never been even suspected of a crime in my life, and then I blew the whistle on Marcelo Molfino for multiple crimes. The state of Texas investigated and determined that Marcelo Molfino did violate the law. DA Bob Wortham refused to prosecute his own employee Marcelo Molfino and instead put Molfino directly on the task of trying to silence me with false charges. Molfino personally wrote the affidavit to have me charged for perjury, after I had turned him in for his own criminal activity, and after my disgruntled ex-wife had paid him $1500 cash (there was a history of Molfino accepting money from being and then charging their opponents or ex-spouses to get a leg up in child custody cases). I was also falsely charged with felony stalking for showing up many years ago to a parking lot to get and take home my crying one year old son from alone in a car where my ex wife (we were married at the time this happened) had left my precious one year old son in the car while she had an affair. The BOGUS felony stalking and perjury charges were completely dismissed and now the Texas Rangers have an investigation against the Jefferson County District Attorney’s office for abuse of office and official oppression. You won’t find that in the news though. You won’t see the news write any story about David Bellow false stalking and perjury charges being dismissed. You won’t even find any news articles about an official Texas Ranger investigation against the Jefferson County DA. The local media is silent on what should be front page news of Texas Ranger investigations against the DA and pay to prosecute schemes. This is a small box in southeast Texas and if you are the local news you just don’t go against the powerful district attorney. I guess I didn’t get that memo.

John Joslin had his charges completely dismissed. You won’t find that on the news either after they gladly wrote articles about his initial arrest. I will get the word out though. It is time that people know about the corruption of Jefferson County District Attorney and the many lives the attempt to ruin with false charges for cash or other political reasons.

John Joslin had gotten an attorney, former Judge Layne Walker, and they were fighting back and were going to expose the corruption of Marcelo Molfino. I was going to testify about the criminal activity of Molfino, and the Texas DPS agent who determined that Molfino violated the law was going to testify against Molfino and explain that Molfino did violate the law and knows he violated the law. Marcelo Molfino himself was even going to get on the stand and have to answer for his criminal activity and falsifications and lies. Then just like that, the big case against John Joslin gets dismissed. It was bogus from the start. Criminal Justice reform must be done to place safeguards to protect innocent people from false and malicious prosecutions.



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