FBI Investigation Makes Clear Clinton Jeopardized National Security

"Her intent was obvious, though. It was to avoid the accountability that she feared would come from public recognition of her official conduct."

Today on the Senate floor I called for the release of the FBI’s interview of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as part of their investigation into her use of an unsecured, private email server. 

While the FBI did not recommend that the former secretary of state be indicted, the concerns that I have previously raised time and time again have only been reaffirmed by the facts uncovered by Director Comey and the FBI's investigation. It is now clear beyond a reasonable doubt that Secretary Clinton behaved with extreme carelessness in her handling of classified information and that she and her staff lied to the American people and, at the same time, put our nation at risk.

It's pretty clear that Secretary Clinton thought she could do anything she wanted, even if it meant sending classified information over her personal, unsecure home server.

We know the FBI found that Secretary Clinton behaved at odds with the story she has been telling the American people, as I said a moment ago. To be blunt, yesterday's announcement proved that she has not been telling the American people the truth for a long, long time now.

From the beginning, Secretary Clinton and her staff have done their dead-level best to play down her misconduct, even if that meant lying to the American people. To make matters even worse, Director Comey confirmed that Secretary Clinton's actions put our national security, and those who are on the front lines protecting our national security, in jeopardy.

Her intent was obvious, though. It was to avoid the accountability that she feared would come from public recognition of her official conduct. So she wanted to do it in secret, away from prying eyes of government watchdogs and the American people.

I would join my colleague, Senator Grassley, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and others who have called for the public release of the FBI's investigation so we can know the whole story. That would also include the transcript from the three and a half hour interview that Secretary Clinton gave to the FBI just, I believe, it was last Saturday. That way the American people can have access to all the information.

She owes it to the public and we owe it to the public that the entire evidence be presented to them in an open and a transparent way. And that's why the FBI should release this information.

Then and only then will the American people be able to render a well-informed and an adequate judgment on her actions taken as a whole.


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