The Federal Governments Peeping Tomcrats

The census counts the population every ten years. But the Census Bureau also sends out a mandatory, intrusive, personal and more time consuming 28-page document called the American Community Survey.

The survey asks invasive questions like how many toilets does a person have in their house? What time does a person leave and return from work? Does any person in the household have poor eyesight, difficulty dressing or mental issues?

If this Orwellian survey is ignored, the government will come after the citizen. First the phone calls start: weekly then daily. Then Uncle Sam sends his snoops to lurk around homes, forcing citizens to comply.

If a person still refuses to hand over private information to the intrusive eyes of the government they can assess fines up to $5,000. My bill, H. R. 1305, makes the American Community Survey voluntary and removes the associated criminal penalties. The ACS is a violation of privacy and a costly abuse of government power.

And that’s just the way it is.


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