The Federal School Food Police

My mother makes wonderful double-chocolate brownies . As a kid, I would take them to school , and the PTA would sell them in the school bake sale to raise money for projects like uniforms for the school band and cheerleaders.

When our four kids were in school, they would take brownies for school bake sales as well. And now my grandkids can still use their great-grandmother's brownie recipe for school bake sales.

But warning: the Federal school food police are regulating school bake sales. You see, now the government wants to control and, in some cases, prohibit school bake sales in the name of making kids healthier. No more homemade cupcakes, brownies, or baked goods unless they meet government calorie, sugar, and fat standards. Not healthy, sayeth the bake sale police.

The Federal Government is becoming the parent of American kids. What is next? Are they going to tell schoolkids what they can wear?

Parents and schools should decide whether to have bake sales or not . Uncle Sam doesn't know better. Parents know better.

Let Mom's homemade brownies back in the schools.


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