A Florida Man Uses Gun to Save Wife and Baby From Home Invasion by Multiple Intruders


2.5 million times last year, Americans brandished a firearm in order to defend and preserve life.

In most of those cases, the trigger was never pulled.

The government, federal or state, DOES NOT have the authority to remove or hinder this God-given right to defend life.

The 2nd Amendment was NOT a right given to the citizens FROM the government… (always remember… what the government gives the government can take away).

It was a mandate TO THE GOVERNMENT that the citizens are born with this right and the it SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.

In Melbourne, Florida, a man is more than thankful that he had a gun and the skills to use it in order to save the lives of his wife and baby. Police say the man, home with his wife and baby, shot and injured one of at least three intruders who broke into his Pepper Avenue house late Wednesday night.

According to Melbourne police, there were three or four males — in their teens or early 20s — who broke into the home and tried to rob the family.

The homeowner then shot at the intruders, striking one of them in the arm.

The family’s dog was also injured, but no one else was hurt. The suspected injured intruder was taken to Holmes Regional Medical Center.

Police identified two of the intruders as Bobby Culler and Leonard Valentine. Culler, who was shot, was arrested on charges of having an outstanding warrant. Valentine faces charges of armed burglary and violation of probation.

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