Freedom Saved From Wisconsin Gestapos

In Wisconsin, Judge Rudolph Randa ended a partisan witch hunt by local Democratic law enforcements officers, who should be renamed local lawless Democratic law enforcements officers. While supposedly enforcing administer campaign regulations, Democratic prosecutors used the law to run a cynical campaign against conservative organization in the state. This event began with methodology of tyrants as local law enforcements using flood lights illuminating their victims’ yard, and armed officers seized documents, computers, cell phones and other devices. The left, upset over victories by Scott Walker and his allies, decided to intimidate their opponents. This was a beginning of a modern jihad against local conservative groups with the goal of reducing their impact in the 2014 elections.

Eric O’Keefe, the director of Wisconsin Club for Growth, challenged the local Democratic Gestapos and decided he would stand in the way of the Democratic left's manipulation of Wisconsin campaign laws. Judge Randa, hearing O’Keefe's horror stories, halted the Democratic corruption. O’Keefe, along with other conservatives, participated in defending Walker in his recall election, an election designed as punishment for limiting union’s collective bargaining rights. Walker prevailed, but he still has a re-election campaign in 2014, and there is even talk of a Walker Presidential run, so the left's goal is still to cripple Walker.

The left targeted O’Keefe and 28 other conservative groups and individuals as prosecutors issued subpoenas and conducted searches but those being searched never knew the identities of those who accused them. Judge Randa decided that the John Doe investigation had no chance of obtaining a conviction but the first purpose of the prosecution was intimidation. The John Doe investigation allowed leaks sent to conservative donors and organizations across the countries. The real purpose was to force conservatives to use resources to defend themselves and send a message to others; if you campaign for Walker or conservative causes, we will make your life hell.

Citizen United has open the political process contrary to what the left says and while Supreme Court has allowed government regulation of free speech but this only to prevent quid pro quo corruption. There was no justification to what happened to O’Keefe and others in Wisconsin.

Forget arguments about campaign finance laws or how Citizen United is allowing the rich to buy elections, the real threat to our democracy is the use of government using the apparatus of government to punish political opponents. The least reported news is how the left is using various governmental units to attack conservative groups from the IRS on a national level to state level prosecution with the idea of impeding their political opponents’ access to political public square. Campaign finance laws are not about keeping corruption out of politics, they are about limiting political access. The complexity of campaign finance laws force opponents to hire lawyers to even understand the Byzantine rules set up. The left is no longer committed to the protection of free speech but want the public square scrubbed of any opposition, and Wisconsin is just more evidence of that.


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