General Flynn Exonerated, But What Does It Say About Our Country?

The Flynn story is almost what one would expect from Stalinist Russia or Nazi Germany, no rights, a citizen entrapped by law enforcement on made up charges, where there is no crime and as a result, the target is left bankrupt, with threats to his family if he did not cooperate, and all along the FBI knew it was made up.

There are more shoes to drop in the investigation, but powerful government officials destroying lives because of the pursuit of power is un-American. If they, Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein, Clapper, McCabe, Brennan, Page, Strzok and Congressman Schiff, in no particular order, don't get prosecuted for running roughshod over the Bill of Rights, something is terribly wrong. If the left-wing media continues to present them as reliable experts they should no longer claim to be just covering the news, as they presented these liars for years on the Russia collusion hoax. The free press has been compromised by its efforts to get Trump, no matter what the truth is.


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