George Will: IRS is 'off the rails' and 'corrupted'

George Will, president of Judicial Watch, sat down with Bret Baier Tuesday to discuss the corrupt IRS. The lawyers for the Department of Justice have admitted that the "missing" Lois Lerner emails would be "too onerous" to retrieve.

I can just hardly wait until the IRS lawyers go into that courtroom and tell the judge it would be too onerous to stop obstructing justice in this case.

The IRS is the most intrusive and potentially punitive institution of the federal government, and it is a law enforcement and it is off the rails, and it is now thoroughly corrupted. And people are saying, well the Justice Department can take care of this. There’s a reason why Jack Kennedy had his brother attorney general. There’s a reason why Richard Nixon has his campaign manager John Mitchell attorney general. It’s an inherently political office, and it can’t be trusted in cases like this.


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