Global Warming's Replacement - Pandemics

During the Obama administration our unemployment reached over 6% in the U.S.  Understand that our calculation for unemployment was changed when Bill Clinton took office in 1993.  The new popular calculation used today does not include those things that made our estimates higher.  So when you hear of unemployment in the 1930’s, those calculations were using the ‘old’ estimates.  Today’s 6% advertised is actually 10-12% using the old calculation.  The U-6 number relates closest to the pre-1993 values.

Now today, under president Trump’s watch, we were seeing 3.5% unemployment which was one of the lowest unemployment numbers in our country since 1969.  But suddenly that all came to a quick halt thanks to the Corona virus, aka COVID-19.  Now our current unemployment number is 10% (new calculation). But the Left is constantly slamming Trump for being a poor leader.  Our Corona virus and the sudden economic downturn seems like a coincidence doesn’t it?  Maybe, but then maybe not.

On April 3, 2015 Bill Gates gave a talk at a Ted Talk forum for the purpose of sharing his vision of what we should be concerned with — of even greater importance than war.  If  you watch the first minute of this video, you will get a good enough idea of what he is trying to convey in his talk.



As you can see, his greatest fear is something that looks a great deal like COVID-19 — interesting.

Then on October 18, 2019 a consortium of leaders were brought together to address what was a follow-on to Bill Gate’s suggestion of our future demise.  This gathering consisted of leaders from various interests and countries around the world. 15 global business, government, and public health leaders were players in the simulation exercise that highlighted unresolved real-world policy and economic issues that could be solved with sufficient political will, financial investment, and attention now and in the future.

The gathering was entitled “Event 201” and was held at the Pierre hotel in New York, NY.  It was funded by the Open Philanthropy Project in concert with Johns Hopkins Bloomberg school of Public HealthWorld Economic Forum; and the Bill and Melinda Foundation.  (You might consider checking out these sites to determine their objectives.)

The primary objective of this meeting was to brainstorm how best to address a worldwide pandemic through the coordination of governments and corporate leadership.  To set the stage, they started the meeting with the following video for attendees to view which depicts a potential future pandemic.

Notice the unbelievably coincidental likeness of the proposed scenario and the real one we experience today — COVID-19.  (Pigs were first instead of bats regarding the spread of the virus.)

Consider these dates:  Apr. 3, 2015 Gates gives his talk;  Oct. 18, 2019 Event 201 is held;  Nov. 17, 2019 the first case of COVID-19 was discovered in the Hubei province of China which was a 55 year old person;  shortly after subsequent cases were discovered in the city of Wuhan which is located in the Hubei province.

Now, in recent weeks, it has been discovered that the virus’s genesis was actually in the level-4 biological warfare lab (decades old) also located in Wuhan where allegedly an employee may have leaked the virus into the public domain.  This information has been the source of a great deal of ‘conspiracy’ stories alleging that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) may have done so on purpose.  Of course one must consider the fact that the CCP has been lying to us for weeks or months, it isn’t too hard to believe.

Yesterday vs. Today

Global warming has been a mantra that begs mankind to alter their way of living in order to save ‘mother earth’.  But the ‘end’ hasn’t appeared anywhere near close at hand.  The seas aren’t rising, temperatures aren’t higher — actually lower than previous years — and the motivation for the socialists to alter our country has basically evaporated over the last 10-15 years with respect to global warming.  So now we apparently have this new issue to face in its place — a global pandemic.

It’s interesting to note that the Event 201 meeting was held on Apr. 18th and four days later (Apr. 22nd) was the celebration of Earth day — which coincidentally is Earth day’s 50th anniversary.  Which, by the way, just happens to be Vladimir Lenin’s birthday. Oh, and the ‘lock down’ is supposed to be lifted on May 1st which just happens to be ‘May Day‘ — which is a socialist holiday and a day for the workers of the world.

My how the coincidences just seem to keep piling up.  Hopefully by now you are starting to see the connection between the socialist movement here in America — which is in the news daily — and our current situation.

The Socialist Process

During every country’s take-over by a communist movement, the economy of the subject country is typically in a poor state.  Just prior to the ‘flip’ of that country, chaos is growing and the people are demonstrating — if not rioting.  e.g., Venezuela  This is because a happy and comfortable people need motivation to ‘fundamentally change‘ their society.  To facilitate this change you need the following:  elites to drive the change (the future leaders);  a large government to help drive the change with force if necessary; and people within the government to aid in the government’s direction.  Have you noticed the unreasonable actions taken by local government officials?  Some of it is out of the world war II era.

If socialists can develop a dependence on that government, they can create a society of dependent people — aka, slaves.  Although this sounds like an outlandish idea, we are seeing the steps being taken right in front of us.  We continue to lose constitutional rights almost every year.  This socialism thing isn’t just about economy, it’s also about a loss of fundamental rights.

The following is evidence of everything documented in this article which was created by those leading the Event 201 meeting.  The stated goals in the videos below sound very altruistic and wonderful for all of us.  But with very little depth of thought, and the ‘coincidental’ occurrences listed above as evidence, the real motivation should be more obvious.

All of these videos were created during the 3.5 hour meeting on Apr. 18th.  The entire meeting can be viewed at this link.

Segment 1 – Intro and Medical Countermeasures (MCM) Discussion

Segment 2 – Trade & Travel Discussion

Segment 3 – Finance Discussion

Segment 4 – Communications Discussion and Epilogue Video

Segment 5 – Hotwash and Conclusion

As stated several times before in my articles, we as citizens and responsible people of this country had best wake up very soon, or we’re likely to find ourselves fighting for food and survival at the basic level.  Millions of people before us did nothing, and millions died without a chance of survival in a socialist state.  It’s your choice as well as mine.  You’re either part of the solution or part of the problem. . . .

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