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Good Morning America! How does it feel that a cheat and a liar just beat out a man of integrity for the Republican nomination? Donald Trump won Indiana and Ted Cruz suspended his campaign because he could not see a viable path to victory. Trump, who quotes the National Enquire stories to be true, will now run our country, if elected. He has promoted the lies about Cruz and his five mistresses, and Tuesday he announced that Rafael Cruz, Cruz’s dad, had something to do with the JFK assassination. So tell me why conservatives have to continue this charade, because I will not! Never, ever would I have expected to have as a Republican nominee someone who has spent a lifetime supporting and promoting liberals. He bragged about this in the very first debate, admitting that he had contributed money to Democrats to earn favors.

We were told by pundits that those that were Trump supporters were just plain angry. I personally thought much more than anger drove them. It was revenge on the GOP establishment. Some, I believed, wanted an opportunity to become ‘rich’ like Trump; that somehow he was going to help them achieve their wealth. Still others, I thought, had no clue and/or lacked conservative values as most people of the same ilk flock together.

Regardless, Trump in his campaigning proved to be the man I believed him to be: a cheat, a liar, a bully and a bore. Worse than that, it was the discovery that so many that call themselves ‘Christian’ use that word like a piece of jewelry hung around their necks. The evangelical, Jerry Falwell, jr, in South Carolina betrayed his faith and followed the ‘money’ contributed to Liberty University so that he could continue doing ‘god’s’ work. Falwell and Pastor Robert Jeffress from Dallas now have only God to answer for their failure to support someone whose intentions showed to be good but totally naïve.

Along the way, the Cruz campaign gathered anti-cruz crusaders, Fox News being the strongest foe. Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilley, Jeanine Pirro, Greta Van Susten, Eric Bolling were among those who sold their souls to keep their jobs/ratings. The rest of the media has never been conservative friendly. There is media that are supposed to be conservative but proved without a doubt not to be, namely Drudge Report and Breitbart News. Let’s not forget to mention the ‘conservative’ people like Phyllis Schlafly, Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter, Sarah Palin, and Ben Carson, with name recognition that certainly made it plain and simple to understand who they were supporting.

Ted Cruz confronts Trump supporters

The video, ‘Ted Cruz confronts Trump supporters,’ is extremely difficult to watch, but it does give insight to the mentality of the Trump voter and the effects of brainwashing. How much negative bombarding can any person take? The average person goes about his daily activities and hears only sound bites. If those sound bites are all negative, and there is no balance, that person can be influenced by the negativity. Every conservative should be spitting angry because we have been pushed aside. Conservatives will again not have a voice, we have been silenced by the media. We are an insignificant and dying part of America. Cruz was our last resistance. There is no resistance to what is to come. Again we have underestimated the enemy and who they are.

For those who believe that Trump is the answer to your dreams, let me explain that with him as our nominee we will no longer have a Republican Party. Trump is not, and will never be, a Republican, much less a Conservative. It is obvious that he is a proud progressive: he believes in abortion and has verbally said that “Planned Parenthood does wonderful things.” He thinks transgender men should be allowed in women’s bathrooms and supports LGBT. He verbalized his strong beliefs on eminent domain, and not private property rights, by stating that the government needs roads, bridges and whatever is necessary to achieve infrastructure. He has said that the rich need to pay more taxes just like Socialist Bernie Sanders. He wants socialized medicine so that no one dies in the streets. When was the last time you heard someone dying in the streets from something other than a violent act? Maybe he means to confiscate our guns since he changes his mind every four hours or so. Trump believes that Japan and South Korea should have nuclear weapons. Why do you suppose he has yet to mention restoring our constitution; it’s because he has no intention of following any rules.

Of course, if you are a Trump supporter, you never heard him say these things because you were too busy being entertained by his cruel insults about women, Mexicans, Muslims, POWs and the disabled. That famous wall he is going to build and call the” Trump Wall,” how many of you really believe that Mexico will pay for it? It’s also my understanding that Trump has no intention of taking care of our illegal immigration problem. His off-the-record interview with the New York Times attests to that when he said, “Everything is negotiable.”

There is very little difference between Trump and Hillary Clinton, one claims to be Republican and the other says she is not a socialist. They are both liars. They are both New York liberals favoring socialized medicine and big government by taxing the rich. They both believe in Planned Parenthood, abortion and more rights for LGBT. Neither have any affection or understanding of the poor or the middle class in America. Like Trump said after winning in Nevada, “We won with poorly educated. I love the poorly educated.” He actually said he ‘loved’ the poorly educated. So let’s keep Americans poor and uneducated so they will vote for Trump!

We are still free in America to vote for the person we believe will be good for our country, someone that we can be proud of, someone that will be a good role model for our children, someone who will fight our enemies and keep us safe, someone who will promote jobs, strength and security. Since Trump has made it a point to insult and demean all of his opponents during his rallies and tell everyone how well he is doing in the polls, it’s hard to tell what his plans are for the future of America. For this reason, I am very afraid for our country and do not believe that someone like Trump will improve our lives, economy or keep us safe. I will NOT be voting for Trump or Hillary since I have spent a lifetime promoting conservative values and cannot betray myself. I will vote Republican down-ballot in November and will probably write in Ted Cruz simply because I want to be heard. We each have to make our very own decision when we enter the ballot box in November.

Before you start blaming those that refuse to vote for a liberal masquerading as a Republican, thinking that this will bring about a Hillary presidency, why not put the blame squarely where it belongs, those that voted FOR Trump. We should be outraged at those who claim to believe in the Constitution and Bible and still voted for Trump. And before God is blamed for this enormous crime of lack of judgment, remember God gave each one of us a free will and Americans went into the voting booth and gave us Trump. God is not the one destroying America; we are destroying ourselves from within. GOD BLESS TEXAS!
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