GOP Fails In Georgia, Lessons For Texas

Like Georgia, Texas is growing with many "refugees" from blue states. Many are fleeing overreaching government, high taxes and extensive regulations. Yet when they have come, they bring with them their blue state political values.

The latest lesson, the Georgia Senate runoffs where the GOP candidates lost to two leftist candidates for the Democrats.

So what can we learn?

  • First, party unity is critical. The GOP infighting was a sharp contrast to the Democratic unity. The circular firing squad involving the Governor and Secretary of State versus President Trump depressed Republican turnout and the focus on Trump boosted the Democratic turnout.
  • Second, the GOP cannot continue to ignore African-American voters. President Trump demonstrated that with the right investment, the GOP can gain voters.
  • Third, new voter education is critical. We must invest in an education campaign about what ensures red state economic success and how left-wing politics hamstring that.
  • Fourth, the GOP needs to continue to run and elect conservative women and minorities. The party needs to reflect the state it is in.
  • Fifth, we need a comprehensive plan to take back the culture, education, regular and social media so it is fair and balanced.
  • Sixth, ballot reform. We need to eliminate ballot by mail except for qualified seniors that are alive. Ballot by mail per the Carter-Baker Commission is the most abused part of ballot processing. To avoid fraudulent ballots, the sending of unsolicited ballots should be banned. A requirement of matching signatures for ballot by mail must be mandatory. The prohibition of ballot harvesting must also be mandatory.

If we fail to learn the lessons of 2020-21, we will have a Georgia political future.


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