GOP Purges!

Hot air Taylor Millard may give a reason why many grassroots are opting for the outsider candidates. He wrote an excellent piece on how the GOP is purging conservatives and libertarians and State GOPs are joining the purging fun.

As Millard noted, Boehner has removed conservatives and libertarians from committees while Boehner’s opponent Mark Meadows was briefly removed from a committee by Jason Chaffetz. CPAC did not allow Log Cabin Republicans, a gay GOP group and Texas Republican executive committee voted to exclude the Texas Log Cabin from next year's conventions. While the GOP is the majority party in Texas, they are not nationwide and Republicans need to start expanding their base to form a new fusion for the 21st century. Many young conservatives adopted a libertarian position on same-sex relations. Millard added, “But it isn’t just on social issues where state Republican parties go completely sideways. The Newton County Republican Party in Georgia is planning on kicking out a group of conservative activists (and two libertarians) due to ‘actions detrimental to the party.’ This includes Jason Pye, who has been writing at on some of the county party’s actions, including not allowing members to participate in the local county convention.”

Some argued the rules passed in the 2012 convention, as free market group FreedomWorks noted, “effectively disenfranchises grassroots delegates.” These purges are not being directed at Republicans who are liberals but who may be libertarian on social issues but fiscal conservatives on issues like Export-Import bank and opposed to crony capitalism. For many libertarian Republicans, maybe the government should get out of the marriage business as a move toward liberty, but they are also hard core on cronyism and getting our budget under control.

Many grassroots don’t feel that the national party really cares about them or what they think. They sometimes feel under siege by the establishment and there are times that the GOP goes out of their way to irritate the grassroots. Donald Trump has tapped into that feeling and so has Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson. Much of the establishment candidates are under 10 percent and many grassroots Republicans have opted for the outsider candidates and rejected those candidates that one would assume would benefit from this angst just as Ted Cruz and Scott Walker.

To conclude, Iowa freshman Rod Blum has opposed Boehner for Speaker, and Boehner has repaid him back by cutting off fundraising help. In an election that will be one of those important elections, all hands should be on board and there are those who are willing to start giving up House seats just to make a point. And that is why the grassroots is mad as hades.


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