Granger Cosponsors Introduction of the Trillion Trees Act

Yesterday, as the Lead House Appropriations Committee Republican, I released the following statement after the Trillion Trees Act was introduced by Rep. Bruce Westerman (R-AR), Lead Republican on the House Committee on Natural Resources, with me as an original cosponsor of the legislation. 

We owe it to generations to come to be responsible stewards of our environment—as well as our economy. The Trillion Trees Act is sensible legislation that will lower carbon in our atmosphere by planting and protecting our forests, creating American jobs along the way. Planting a trillion trees would cut roughly two-thirds of all the man-made carbon emissions that have been created since the Industrial Revolution. As a conservation-minded Texan, I’m proud to be part of this incredible bipartisan effort that encourages all Americans to responsibly grow, use, and preserve our nation’s rich natural resources.

“Cleaner air, cleaner water, better wildlife habitats, and other environmental benefits are not bound to party politics, and healthy forests are critical for all of them," said Rep. Westerman. "This is why legislation like the Trillion Trees Act is so important. It’s a pragmatic, proactive, bipartisan solution to many of the environmental issues we face, one that every American can get behind. I’m a licensed forester and I know this legislation will make our forests stronger and more resilient for generations to come. I’m grateful to Rep. Granger for her support."


The Trillion Trees Act is a bipartisan bill, supported by more than 30 stakeholder groups, that will solidify the United States as a global leader of the One Trillion Trees Initiative to conserve, restore and grow 1 trillion trees worldwide. Studies show that restoring 1 trillion new trees globally would sequester 205 gigatons of carbon, an amount equivalent to two-thirds of all manmade emissions remaining in the atmosphere today.

The Trillion Trees Act uses a three-pronged approach of regeneration, management and utilization to grow more wood and store more carbon globally.

Read a section-by-section breakdown of the legislation, full bill text and more here.


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