Granger Invites Secretary of Defense to Fort Worth

Last week, I, the Lead Republican on the House Appropriations Committee, sent a letter to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin inviting him to visit Texas’ 12th Congressional District. Generations of North Texans have worked tirelessly to manufacture America’s national security, including over 18,000 people working at the F-35 production facility today. The 12th District is also home to Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth, home to citizen servicemembers supporting both national missions and Texas state needs.

The full text of the letter is below:

Dear Secretary Austin,

I would like to first congratulate you on your historic confirmation to serve as the 28th Secretary of Defense. Your continued service to our country after 41 years in uniform embodies true patriotism. It is in this spirit of dedication that I have worked tirelessly to strengthen our nation’s military and to ensure our warfighters have the best equipment and training needed to fight and win on the 21st century battlefield. I look forward having a productive relationship with you.

Our commitment to today’s men and women in uniform means giving them the tools they need to defeat our enemies in the high-end fight. I was pleased to see you place defending the nation as the Department of Defense’s top priority, and that you are prioritizing China as the Department’s pacing challenge. The F-35 is a critical contributor not only to these priorities, but to our entire National Defense Strategy.

The story of Fort Worth and the 12th Congressional District of Texas is one of America’s national security. Generations of North Texans have worked tirelessly on production lines of the world’s most advanced aircraft, including the F-16 and the F-35. The men and women who build these aircraft are the reason these fighters are the best in the world. The same Fort Worth plant that produced the B-24 bomber for World War II now produces the world’s most advanced, lethal fighter today, the Joint Strike Fighter.

I would like to personally invite you to join me in Fort Worth at your earliest convenience for a firsthand look at the critical role the F-35 plays in our national defense. The production of the F-35 is equally as impressive as its performance. The 12th District also includes Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base (NAS JRB) Fort Worth, home to some of our Nation’s finest citizen servicemembers who would be honored to host you during your visit.

Again, congratulations on your appointment and thank you for your continued service. I look forward to working with you to sustain America’s global leadership.


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