Gun Control - Two Months into 2019

In an earlier article I wrote regarding this subject (2019 and America’s Gun Control — January 1, 2019), I indicated that this would be the year of massive gun control legislation.  Well, here we are, less than 60 days into the year and the House passed a massive bill which would restrict substantially the transfer of guns — within a family and/or neighbor.

For example, say you were going on a vacation out of state and wanted to leave your gun(s) with a neighbor for protection from burglary.  In order to do so, you would have to go through a licensed firearms dealer to make the transfer, and upon your return, you’d have to go through the process again — with days of waiting for each transaction!

If you, a law abiding citizen owns a gun, you probably have it for self-protection.  How exactly does this aid you in the protection of your family and property?  The answer is obviously, it doesn’t.  And in the case of the unlawful, it has no bearing — they don’t follow the law in the first place.  So then how does this help society in general?  Again, it doesn’t.

What it does do is it restricts the average citizen’s right to protect themselves from the criminal element.  This should be of concern to anyone in this country that wants to exercise that right, be he of Left or Right persuasion.

So then what is this about?  It is a precursor to the Left relieving you of your 2nd Amendment right to bear arms — totally.  As stated previously in my article on the press to do so soon, this is merely the first step for this year.  The Left must take away the 2nd Amendment in order to complete their march toward the socialist state they’ve been fighting for over 70 years — of which they are getting way too close.

Fortunately, we currently have a president with our best interest in mind and will probably veto the bill.  But, HR 1112 is next up to bat and will probably be pushed through congress also by the radicals within our government.  HR 1112 would impose unreasonable delays for the transfer of guns (new purchases and inter-person transfers — up to 20 days).  If the current 30 day period is exceeded, then the transaction can be voided and must start over.  So much for justice..?

And may I prophetically predict that sometime this year we’ll see a very, very long list of weapons listed in a bill that would totally make them illegal to own, as well make handguns and rifles illegal if they have a potential capacity greater than 10 rounds.  Now that’s restrictive!  It would mean that many guns typically owned by hunters today would be illegal to possess.

So now that we have a president with a normal brain (to some extent anyway), we can probably assume that these attempts will not past muster during his watch.  However, what happens when the next socialist is elected president?  I doubt there will be any vetoing of such bills.

In brief, we are merely one election away from our country seeing its end as it stands today.  Liberty, justice, our way of life is on a short fuse.  It’s burning away as far too many Americans argue for socialism, the death of infants, the lost of liberty, and a legal system that has two branches — one for the ultra-rich, and the other for the rest of us.

Just look at all of those in the news who are wanting radical change to our country and consider their wealth.  How do they match up to you?  Is this who you want to represent you?  If you’re honest with yourself, the answer should be no…


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