Gun Rights RECOVERY MODE in Nevada!

Gun owners in Nevada have a new best friend in Republican Assemblywoman Michele Fiore of Las Vegas!

Fiore is the newly designated Assembly Majority Leader and she is on a mission to defeat liberalism.

Fiore, in an interview with the Las Vegas Review-Journal said this week her primary objective is to do what is necessary to recover gun rights in her home state!

Fiore said: “We’re getting our gun rights back this session, period.” (I love a decisive woman who understands that the first step to securing liberty is an armed citizenry.) (smile)

Fiore said she wants bills allowing concealed carry permit holders to carry guns for self-defense on campuses of the Nevada System of Higher Education.

In addition, she wants high schools to adopt “rifle clubs” again, so young people are exposed to firearm safety and responsible gun ownership. If that’s not enough to cause a liberal melt down, Fiore says she will push for the repeal of gun control measures currently on the books. She specifically said she “would push for bills eliminating Clark County’s ‘blue card’ gun registration program.”

The “blue card” program requires individuals who buy a handgun in Clark County to register the weapon with the police. Fiore wants that registration program ended. (Good for her.)

In addition to recovering gun rights, Fiore also plans to push a Voter ID law for Nevada.

(What is not to love about this woman?)

Thank you Nevada for showing the country that Harry Reid does NOT represent the will of the people in your state! Take a bow for electing some strong conservatives who will play a vital role in restoring our Constitutional Republic! Recovering GUN RIGHTS is a vital step in the right direction!


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